Format: Fulldome 2D
Duration: 7 minutes 49 seconds
Resolution: 4096×4096
Frame Rate: 30FPS
Audio: 5.1 Surround

Urban development

As the population increases, cities expand both upwards and outwards, a grey towering mass without the tranquil natural accents to revive the hardworking citizens.

The power of Fulldome to immersive an audience and communicate powerful messages has been known in the educational planetarium field for some time but Schindler Ltd realised that they could harness this power to highlight the work from their advanced research division which specialized in innovative transit management solutions. After a serendipitous meeting at IMERSA 2012 the relationship began which would be a technical and creative journey into how the immersive dome environment can be used to tell a story of change for the good of humanity.

The Story

What if we could create a different future for ourselves? Not only through urban planning, but urban re-imagination. We’re taken on a journey of inspiration, through a new Babel town with a green heart, moving through towers in an era of new transportation systems that give us time to interact with the world around us; a cleaner, safer more beautiful world. ‘Tomorrow Town’, brought to you by Schindler Ltd and produced by NSC Creative encourages us to look beyond what is and dream about what can be, through creative and sympathetic design we can create a world for future generations that we can all be truly proud of.


  • Produced by: Schindler Ltd
  • Production Company: NSC Creative
  • Executive Producers: Paul Friedli, John Mizon
  • Creative Consultant/Architect: Max Schwitalla
  • Written by: Paul Friedli, John Mizon, Max Schwitalla
  • Producer: Paul Mowbray
  • Director: Aaron Bradbury
  • Narrator: Alan Varner
  • Composer: Rhian Sheehan

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